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TQ Publications

Publications for tenants and residents

Tenants Queensland (TQ) provides a range of information publications for tenants and residents. Printed publications are also available by contacting the TQ office.

Tenancy Facts – a series of 10 fact sheets that cover key topics including: starting a tenancy; rent; bonds; repairs; entry and privacy; you want to leave; your lessor ends the tenancy; resolving disputes; tenancy databases and renting in Queensland. Tenancy Facts cover both general tenancies and rooming accommodation tenancies and provide detailed information about common tenancy issues.

Rooming Accommodation Fact Sheets – a series of 7 fact sheets for rooming residents that cover rules for renting rooming accommodation in Queensland including: Do you rent a room?; Moving in; While you are a resident; Entry to your room; Rent; Moving out; and Getting your belongings back.

Manufactured Homes Fact Sheets – a series of 8 fact sheets to assist residents in manufactured homes parks to better understand their rights and responsibilities.

Indigenous Tenancy Resources – this series of fact sheets are in the process of being updated.

Social Housing Fact Sheets – information for tenants who rent in public or community managed housing (social housing). Information includes a fact sheet on “Appeals Reviews and Complaints”.

Info for tenants affected by floods and cyclones – a fact sheet for information on tenancy issues related to floods, cyclones and natural disasters.

Resolving tenancy disputes videos – a series of 5 videos that explains the process tenants can follow to resolve tenancy disputes or go to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal for a tenancy hearing.

Rajabu and Nazik Rent a Home in Queensland

This resource was developed to assist students learning English in TAFE or community classes. It aims to assist tenants from non-English backgrounds to understand renting rules in Queensland. These resources include a student reader, a student workbook, and a teacher resource. A CD is available with PDFs of the resources as well as additional learning materials.

To request a CD of Rajabu and Nazik Rent a Home in Queensland or to order printed copies of the student reader, email: mail@tenantsqld.org.au or call TQ on P: 3832 9447

Avoidable Evictions – our next move

Moving and being forced to move (eviction) are integral and common aspects of renting.  However, whilst eviction is not an uncommon experience for Australian renters, there have been few studies conducted in the area.  The extent of evictions is unknown in absolute terms and the experience of evicted tenants has been largely overlooked. Little is known about it – such as the number of households affected, reasons for eviction and the impacts and costs (financial and personal) of evictions.

The purpose of this research, undertaken by Tenants Queensland, was to better understand the eviction experience of tenants, through in-depth inquiry, to inform tenancy related policy advocacy.

Click here for a copy of the report Avoidable Evictions – our next move 

Better Lease on Life

Improved Rights may help to reduce homelessness

The report “A Better Lease on Life” was developed by the National Association of Tenant Organisations (NATO) and National Shelter in an effort to reduce homelessness through improvements to tenancy laws.

The report makes a number of key recommendations to government around the areas of unreasonable evictions, opportunities for tenants to rectify rent arrears, and providing tenancy law protections, which will enable more balanced processes in the rental markets.

Click here for a copy of the report A Better Lease on Life


Residential Tenancy Law & Residential Rental Investment

Evidence on Tenancy Law Reform and the Risk of Disinvestment in Residential Rental Property

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