Complaint Policy

The Tenants Queensland Complaint policy ensures that clients have open access to a process that allows clients to make complaints about the organisation as a whole, individuals within it and/or services provided by Tenants Queensland.

If you wish to make a complaint against your Lessor or Real Estate Agent click this link to our Tenancy Advice Page 

Tenants Queensland clients are encouraged to make complaints about any aspect of the service with which they are dissatisfied. All client complaints are taken seriously and thoroughly considered.

Complaints should be in writing preferably using TQ’s COMPLAINT FORM which is available here.

If help is needed to fill out the form please call TQ on 38329447.

Clients may request an advocate to make a complaint to TQ on their behalf.

TQ will organise interpreter assistance to make a complaint if required and requested.

A full copy of Tenants Queensland’s Complaint Policy is available here.