Social Housing Fact Sheets

Social Housing Tenant Fact Sheets

Tenants Queensland provides services to and represents the interests of all tenants, including public and community housing tenants (sometimes collectively referred to as social housing tenants).

Tenants who rent from a community housing provider, or rent in public housing are covered by Queensland tenancy laws.

If you rent from a government or community housing provider some additional policies may also apply to your tenancy, for example, eligibility, rent setting and complaint policies.

If you have a dispute with a government or community housing provider over a policy decision, such as eligibility, bedroom entitlements, or how they have assessed your rent, you will need to contact your housing provider to request a review or their decision.

You may also be able to appeal their decision if you are not happy with the outcome of the review. Sometimes you must appeal a decision within 28 days of the decision being made. Therefore you must act promptly.

For information about the policies that apply to your tenancy see the Department of Housing website or ask your community housing provider for information about their policies. You can view the Department of Housing fact sheets online

> Appeals, Reviews and Complaints

Social housing tenant Fact Sheet – Appeals, Reviews & Complaints 

> Human Rights for Social Housing Tenants

Social housing tenant Fact Sheet – Human Rights for Social Housing Tenants

The Tenants Queensland QSTARS advice line can provide tenancy advice for social housing tenants.

Tenants Queensland also seeks to advocate for better tenancy laws and housing policies for tenants in both private and public housing.

If you want to support the work of Tenants Queensland consider becoming a member.