Records Management – Project Officer

Brisbane Office

Applications close 9am 10 April 2017 

This position will support the Business Manager to implement a new records system and to establish the necessary records and filing protocols and procedures.  This is a hands-on role with a strong focus on change management and training. [click to continue…]

QSTARS Commmunity Education & Network Development Worker

Full Time – Brisbane

Closing Date:  9am Monday 3 April

The Role

The TQ QSTARS Community Education & Network Development Worker is a critical role in working with the State wide QSTARS Community Education Network to prioritise and deliver community education within the region, identify gaps in and relevance of community education and promotional materials in the region and ensure the delivery of appropriate materials for specific population groups. You will identify the need, opportunities and further develop the network of Community Access Points for renters across the region.  You will work with the Regional Services Coordinator and the other Regional Service Providers to identify need, deliver strategies and ensure that the Program is appropriately and consistently branded and promoted throughout the region.  You will support the Regional Service Coordinator in maintaining partner relationships and assist in the development and delivery of the Regional Service Plan.  [click to continue…]

Tenants Queensland is calling for the abolition of without grounds termination of tenancies so that every tenancy is ended with a “JUST CAUSE“. Queensland tenancy law is currently under review. If you agree with us, help our campaign by emailing your views to the Residential Tenancies Authority at  or your State MP.  Tell them that you want Just Cause evictions in Queensland!