Changes to tenancy laws regarding the listing of tenants on a residential tenancy database are set to take effect on July 1.  Today Housing Minister De Brenni released a press statement announcing the commencement date for the legislative variations.

Key changes include:

  • lessors/agents must advise prospective tenants of the databases they use, the reason for which they use them, and how the database operators can be contacted
  • lessors/agents must advise prospective tenants that they are listed on a tenancy database and in particular, advise them of the person that listed them and how they can challenge the listing
  • a tenant must not be listed for more than 3 years

Not all changes take immediate affect on July 1, with the new legislation setting out how the changes will be phased in over six months.

The Queensland Government is developing a 10 year housing strategy.  We think your experience of renting is really relevant to its development!

Many people who use our service will have important things to say under the SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES theme.  It contemplates whether consumer protections and existing regulations for rental housing are adequate. A review of tenancy legislation such as minimum condition standards for rental properties and reviewing provisions around notices to leave without grounds may be considered. Your experiences of renting and how things may be improved are important!

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I am a PhD student researching the experiences of people who are facing pressure to move house. I am interested in talking to people who are or have struggled to stay in their homes because of:

  • Redevelopment projects
  • 2011 Brisbane flood
  • Rent increases

If you have been, or are, in this situation I would love to hear about your experiences. [click to continue…]