TQ welcomes today’s introduction of the Housing Legislation (Building Better Futures) Bill 2017 into the Queensland parliament by Housing Minister, the Hon Mick de Brenni. The Bill will amend the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 to allow for the introduction of minimum housing standards in rental properties. The standards will be set out in Regulation and developed through a process of consultation.

The poor quality of some properties is an on-going issue for Queensland renters. The changes will help protect the most vulnerable, often pushed into the margins of the market and reluctant to seek repairs for fear of losing their tenure, from living in substandard and unsafe housing.
The Bill’s introduction is a big step forward but there is still a lot of work to be done. TQ looks forward to participating in the consultation to develop the standards. TQ will also lobby for additional reforms, in particular to address the lack of tenure security.


On Monday the Premier, the Hon Anastasia Palaszczuk announced the government’s 10 year Housing Strategy providing an investment of $1.8B over that time.

The Strategy’s three year Action Plan states that ‘people living in the private rental market will have better consumer protection and housing stability through legislative and policy reforms’. This mean a legislative review of Queensland tenancy laws will take place soon. It is likely to focus on security of tenure and standards in rental properties. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more. Rest assured, we’ll be enthusiastically supporting the Strategy’s aim of developing a more contemporary legislative framework!

Changes to the Manufactured Homes legislation and Retirement Villages, work commenced some years ago are likely to be finalised in the near future. [click to continue…]

Check out the rental vulnerability where you live!  

Today Housing Minister Mick de Brenni helped Tenants Queensland launch the first ever Rental Vulnerability Index (RVI), a tool which allows you to see how many vulnerable renters there are in any postcode area in Queensland.

The RVI is more than just a measure of affordability; it is a look into who lives in the local rental housing and what sort of other vulnerabilities they might experience. It combines 13 data sources, each of which individually expose a potential to experience a housing problem, into one measure of overall rental vulnerability.

Using the interactive map, you can identify not just the RVI for each Queensland postcode area, you can also see the statistics on each of those 13 indicators.

This RVI has been developed as primarily as a service planning tool for tenant advisory services – to ensure that need for services align with demand and if not to reach out to the most vulnerable tenants. However, it will have applicability for a much broader range of service providers, policy maker and planners.

Check out your postcode!