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Tenants Queensland proudly delivers the:
Queensland Statewide Tenant Advice and Referral Service (QSTARS), Community Legal Services Program (CLSP), Domestic and Family Violence Sector Capacity Building Project, Financial Counselling Service


Rental Vulnerability Index (RVI)

The project defines ‘rental vulnerability’ as the vulnerability of persons to problems that may make their rental housing unaffordable, insecure or inappropriate, and which therefore indicates a need for tenant advice.

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Response to the Queensland Government’s Stage Two Rental Reform Consultation Paper (May 2023)

The commencement of the second stage reforms has been long awaited and Tenants Queensland (TQ) is pleased to see consultations commence. Overall, the paper contains some positive proposals (if they eventuate), however, we think that our government needs to do more to regulate the rental market in order to deliver stability, safety, amenity and affordability to Queensland renters.

Queenslanders urged to have their say on fairer rental laws

Tenants Queensland welcomes the State Government’s announcement today launching Stage 2 rental law reform. The consultation process will provide Queensland renters with the opportunity to be heard and help shape renting for the future. For further information about the process and to have your say visit here.
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