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Tenants Queensland proudly delivers the:
Queensland Statewide Tenant Advice and Referral Service (QSTARS), Community Legal Services Program (CLSP), Domestic and Family Violence Sector Capacity Building Project, Financial Counselling Service


Rental Vulnerability Index (RVI)

The project defines ‘rental vulnerability’ as the vulnerability of persons to problems that may make their rental housing unaffordable, insecure or inappropriate, and which therefore indicates a need for tenant advice.

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Minimum Standards Start Today

In Queensland minimum housing standards will come into effect for new rental agreements from 1 September 2023. These standards apply to general tenancy, moveable dwelling and rooming accommodation agreements. Minimum housing standards aim to ensure rental properties are safe, secure and functional and provide clarity around the maintenance obligations for rental properties. Tenants Queensland have … Read more

PM announces National rental reforms

The PM just announced outcomes from the National Cabinet discussion about rental reforms. We think more needs to be done to limit the amount rent can rise. This is the summary of their proposals: “A Better Deal for Renters – Develop a nationally consistent policy to implement a requirement for genuine reasonable grounds for eviction, … Read more
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