Entry notice time – snap poll!

Our last post told you what Tenants Queensland thinks about entry notice times – see below.  Now the snap poll on the Queensland government’s Open Doors to Renting Reform is asking that question.  Please jump on and answer the question – how long should the notice period you get for non–urgent entries

Here’s what we said previously
Protect people’s privacy by making sure that they have fair warning before someone enters their home
For many entries to tenants’ homes the law only provides that 24 hours’ notice is required. With such short notice, sometimes tenants don’t even know that an entry is going to be made to their home until it has already occurred.

Entries can be made at any time with the agreement of the tenant, but when it is done by serving a notice, tenants should be given more time.
To Make Renting Fair in Queensland increase all 24 hour entry notice periods to 48 hours.

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