× IMPORTANT information for tenants affected by storms and flooding.

Your help needed to Make Renting Fair!

The Parliamentary Committee on the governments proposed new tenancy laws is still considering all submissions to it, but your voice can still be heard!

If the laws are passed as proposed, renters will still face evictions for no good reason.

You can help make change in three simple steps:

  1. Send a letter to your MP here
  2. Sign up to the Make Renting Fair in Queensland campaign to get updates here
  3. Get your friends, family and any concerned clients to sign up for the Make Renting Fair in Queensland campaign.

Removing the ability to end a tenancy without a fair and just reason is core to improving the situation for renters and evening up the bargaining power. Without this, other positive changes – and the ability to stand up for your rights – are undermined by the continuing fear of eviction without fair reason.

Together we can improve renting for all Queenslanders by making renting fair, safe and certain.