× IMPORTANT information for tenants during COVID-19 pandemic - click here.
COVID-19 Lockdowns may impact tenants in several ways, as outlined below. Tenancy law still applies during lockdown, however all parties must follow the public health orders (link below).
Emergency Repairs: contact the nominated tradesperson on your tenancy agreement and send an email to your real estate agent/lessor.
Inspections: can take place only by private appointment. Contact details must be collected; physical distancing must be practiced, and masks must be worn (unless there is a medical exemption or it is unsafe to do so).
Moving In: if the real estate agent office is closed, send an email and request a call back.
Moving Out: It is the tenant’s responsibility to do an exit condition report and send this to the agent/lessor. If the real estate agent office is closed, send an email asking for instructions about returning the keys.

If you’re interested in our brief thoughts on the government’s Housing Legislation Amendment Bill 2021. Read them here.

The Parliamentary Committee on the governments proposed new tenancy laws is still considering all submissions to it, but your voice can still be heard!

If the laws are passed as proposed, renters will still face evictions for no good reason.

You can help make change in three simple steps:

  1. Send a letter to your MP here
  2. Sign up to the Make Renting Fair in Queensland campaign to get updates here
  3. Get your friends, family and any concerned clients to sign up for the Make Renting Fair in Queensland campaign.

Removing the ability to end a tenancy without a fair and just reason is core to improving the situation for renters and evening up the bargaining power. Without this, other positive changes – and the ability to stand up for your rights – are undermined by the continuing fear of eviction without fair reason.

Together we can improve renting for all Queenslanders by making renting fair, safe and certain.

Submission due by midday July 13!!! The Community Support and Service Committee of the Queensland Parliament have just called for  submissions on the government’s proposals to change tenancy laws. The proposed laws are a watered-down version of what the government released in the Regulatory Impact Statement of late 2019, before  COVID hit us all. TQ is disappointed with this version and will make a submission to that effect.

We encourage all renters to make a submission as well. You only have until midday on Tuesday July 13. In the coming days we will share our thoughts. You may already be in the position to start your submission. Here is the link to the Committee’s request    When we have a draft we will circulate this. 


15 June 2021

Queensland’s tenancy experts describe State Budget a ‘mixed bag’ for Queensland renters.

While the increased investment in social housing in today’s Queensland State Budget is a step in the right direction, Queensland renters continue to be forgotten as the state battles through a housing crisis.

Since the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, Tenants Queensland, the state’s specialist tenancy service, has seen a significant increase in demand for advice and assistance from Queensland renters experiencing housing stresses.

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We all need a home that we can rely on. Without stability and security of tenure, people begin to live in a state of fear and uncertainty. ‘No grounds’ evictions can be used in retaliation against renters who stand up for their rights.

All of us need to know we won’t get evicted if we haven’t done anything wrong. Evicting individuals and families from their home without a good reason is not fair and it is not right.

The Make Renting Fair in Queensland Alliance is calling on the Queensland Government to abolish ‘no cause’ evictions and give all renters a chance at a stable and secure home.

They need your help to make their voices heard by government!


If you are being inundated with water or suffering damage from storms or cyclones your tenancy may be affected.  This fact sheet is for residential tenancies however most of this information also applies to rooming accommodation such as boarding houses.

For further information for tenants, please click here.


Tenants Queensland CEO, Penny Carr, has congratulated the Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, on a returned Labor Government and is now calling on the re-elected government to act quickly on the long, drawn-out reform of rental legislation in Queensland.

“I look forward to working with the Premier and her team in delivering on reforms around tenancy laws to ensure the needs of Queenslanders are met now and into the future, but we do need to see this happen urgently,” said Ms Carr.

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With the evictions moratorium ending at midnight on September 29, if you are still in dispute about a rent reduction due to COVID excessive hardship or are yet to request one, make sure you have notified your lessor, agent or provider, in writing, about your circumstances before the moratorium ends!!

During the  moratorium lessors, agents or providers cannot evict a tenant or resident for failure to pay rent if the failure related to the tenant suffering excessive hardship because of the COVID-19 emergency. Affected renters could also request a rent reduction (or deferral). These rent disputes will continue be resolved under the ‘COVID regulations’ even after the moratorium ends if the matter was raised beforehand. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have evidence of informing your lessor or agent.   [click to continue…]


Last week, the Queensland government decided to end the moratorium on evictions for residential renters. The moratorium is targeted to renters who are COVID affected, and it’s removal will leave many people vulnerable to eviction before Christmas.  

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