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Just because you’re renting, doesn’t mean you can’t access the benefits of solar power in your home.

The Queensland Government’s Solar for rentals trial is offering tenants in the Bundaberg, Gladstone and Townsville local government areas easy access to solar at no upfront costs.

This unique opportunity will enable around 1,000 tenants and lessors to share the value of installing a solar PV system.  You and your lessor both need to agree to be part of the trial and sign a new lease of at least 12 months with a fair rent increase. In return, you could save up to $300 a year by either using the solar power in your home or selling it back to the electricity grid. You can use the online calculator to see it might benefit you.

Houses, townhouses or duplexes currently rented for $350 or less per week are eligible.

To find out more about the trial and to use the solar for rentals calculator to see how you could benefit, visit www.qld.gov.au/solar-for-rentals or talk to your property manager or landlord today.

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Tenants Queensland received numerous inquiries from tenants who were given breach notices for having displayed election signage outside their rental premises. Additionally, some tenants have received a request from the lessor to remove the signage and in some instances the lessor/agent had removed the signage without consent.

See our Fact Sheet for information on placing elections signs on rental premises.

Listen to the Minister for Housing (Hon Mick de Brenni), the REIQ and Tenants Queensland discuss tenancy law reform issues with ABC’s Emma Griffith.  Property standards,  rent increases and rent limitations, pets, and property inspections are all covered on Tuesday morning’s FOCUS program.

Listen here

After a 9-week consultation into the current rental laws in Queensland, the Palaszczuk Government has received 130,000 responses… read more here

The launch of Disrupted – 2018 Report by CHOICE, National Shelter and NATO attracted a range of publicity.

Listen and read more through the links below:

Today’s launch of Disrupted- the consumer experience of renting in Australia by Choice, NATO and NShelter emphasises the need for significant modernization of Queensland tenancy laws. The Queensland government’s current review of tenancy law provides the perfect opportunity to get rid of unfair evictions (by requiring a reasonable ground in law for all tenancy terminations); protect against excessive rent increases and make it fairer and easier for tenants to get their bond back. The time is now!  


Click here to read the full report.

Are you a renter looking to improve tenancy rights?  Your submissions to government’s Open Doors to Renting Reform close on November 30!! And we’ve just made it easy for you through this link – it will take you 2 minutes!

Simply enter your name, email address and postcode to support the MAKE RENTING FAIR seven point plan.

Alternatively, go to the Open Doors site and make your own submission.

The Governments OPEN DOORS TO RENTAL REFORM continues to seek your feedback on renting.  The current theme – BETTER PROTECTIONS seeks your views on how tenancy legislation could better protect more vulnerable tenants such as those experiencing domestic violence, seniors and people with a disability.  It is also seeking your feedback on tenancy databases.  Have your say here.

Let the government know what you think about ending a tenancy on short notice in situations where there is domestic and family violence by answering the SNAP POLL question here.


Don’t forget to support the Make Renting Fair in Queensland Alliance seven point plan for tenancy law reform and follow Make Renting Fair in Qld Facebook and Twitter.

Sunday’s media release from Minister for Housing and Public Works, the Hon Mick de Brenni cited the heart wrenching case of baby Isabella Diefenbach in outlining his support for the introduction of minimum standards in residential tenancies.

The introduction of minimum standards is not a cause for concern for reasonable investors but a safeguard for renters against those lessors unwilling to ensure their property is fit to live in for their tenants. A key to ensuring minimum standards are effective is taking away the responsibility from individual tenants to enforcing the law. Minimum standards should be enforced by a third party empowered to investigate alleged breaches, order rectifications, deliver sanctions, and provide public access to important records. [click to continue…]

Today a broad group of community-based organisations launched the Make Renting Fair in Queensland campaign for progressive tenancy law reforms. They’re calling for you to support their seven point plan. Follow Make Renting Fair in Qld Facebook and Twitter

  1. Give people the right to stay in their rental homes and prevent unfair evictions by
  • Removing ‘no reason’ evictions
  • Enforcing ‘just cause’ reasons to support eviction notices
  1. Keep rents fair to keep people in their homes by
  • – Limiting rent increases to once a year
  • – Justifying rent increases more than 20% above CPI
  1. Make it easier for people who rent to get their bond money back when moving by
  • Automatically returning bonds to the tenants unless disputed by the lessor
  1. Make sure that people who rent their homes are treated fairly and with honesty by
  • Providing full disclosure to renters of material that might affect a tenancy before they enter into an agreement and allowing renters to terminate in cases of material misrepresentation
  1. Keep people together with their pets in their rental homes by
  • Allowing tenants pets in rental properties unless the lessor proves a good reason not to.
  1. Enforce basic standards for rental homes by
  • Undertaking periodic third party inspections
  • Introducing transparency between tenancies regarding repair, maintenance and orders of the tribunal.
  1. Protect people’s privacy by making sure that they have fair warning before someone enters their home by
  • Increasing all 24-hour entry notice periods to 48 hours.

The State Government’s Open Doors to Rent Reform public consultation continues until November 30. We encourage you to make use of the The Make Renting Fair in Qld website for inspiration in making your comments and submissions to government. The Make Renting Fair campaign aims to build momentum through the government’s current consultation process and into next year whilst deliberations are underway on changes to the law. 


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